• Jimmy asks Mr. Rogers to send him some beer.

• Jimmy shares his poetry with Maya Angelou.

• Jimmy designs a religious-amusement park for Micheal Eisner.

• Jimmy applies for a job with the Trump Organization.

• Jimmy offers to mate his cat with Betty White's cat.

• Jimmy asks Ann B. Davis to Prove she's alive.

• Jimmy asks Crystal Gayle for a lock of her hair.



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andy "It's amazing what you can accomplish by mail."
Andy Dufresne
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About The Author:
James E. "Jimmy" Spamm Jr. was born in a shot-gun style, clapboard mansion near the poi mines of Honolulu, Hawaii. He was educated at home by his his dyslexic parents, who taught him his ZYXs. His family moved stateside when Jimmy was just eight years old so that his father could accept a lucrative position in the booming tube socks industry.
Seeking discipline for their young son, the Spamms enrolled Jimmy in the Mahatma Gandhi Military School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, inspired by his P.E. teacher, Jimmy decided to pursue a writing career despite being born with only nine toes. His first professional writing assignment was for the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles where he was commissioned to create a series of informational pamphlets. Though he had many successful campaigns, his pamphlet, Your Glove Compartment Isn't A Spittoon, was called "brilliant" by pamphlet aficionados.
A scratch-and-sniff book publisher took notice of Jimmy's work and hired him to produce a series of "How To" books. His first book: "How To Dry Roast Peanuts In Your Nose," was published in 1994 and sold well (especially in peanut producing states). He followed that success with "How To Successfully Steal From Your Church's Offering Plate," in 1999.
Spamm currently resides in Lampasas, Texas where he is working on a cutting-edge, murder mystery suspense novel that breaks all the rules by revealing "who dun it" in the book's very first sentence.
About The Author's Biggest Fan:
Jimmy Spamm's biggest fan is comedy writer, David Jerome, Capricorn 5'10", 180. He has written for radio, newspapers, television, and comedians including Jay Leno. In 1979 he broke his arm while attending vacation Bible school.

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